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After initial consultation and skin analysis we will help you select the best treatment tailored to your needs and offer honest and practical advice to help you achieve the best results.

All our skin treatments are 100% customized to your unique needs

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Initial Consultation

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Essential Skin Treatment

Comprehensive, ongoing skin health maintenance

This is a fully customizable treatment for those who wish to naturally improve and maintain a healthy glowing complexion, focusing on skin health and clarity. It may include exfoliation, light extraction, pressure point massage, masque, healthy technology (ultra sound/ microcurrent) or purely hands on methods. This treatment is tailored to revive your complexion with organic oils, cosmeceutical serums and masques selected to suit your skin type and current needs. Your skin will be hydrated and revitalized.

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ABL Signature Treatment

Restorative treatment for naturally glowing flawless skin

Designed to rejuvenate your skin and keep it in its most attractive and healthy state. After initial consultation and skin analysis this freestyle treatment will be tailored to your personal skin concerns and current skin condition. This is a totally customized result-driven experience that blends unique ABL massage methods with healthy technology (if appropriate) and expertly selected professional products for firmer, smoother, well-nourished skin. ABL Signature treatment helps to control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging.Your complexion will be revived and rejuvenated.

75 min

90 min

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Super-soothing Skin Treatment

Serious relief for clients who suffer from red, reactive, sensitized skin.

This treatment includes:

  • cleansing with light stroking movements
  • most beneficial skin relief massage
  • the treatment masque with healing and active ingredients that hydrates and repair the barrier layer
  • moisturizing and day light protection
  • light gentle exfoliation may be performed

A combination of specific active botanical extracts can help control inflammation and reduce the signs of sensitivity and a proprietary lipid blend that reinforces the barrier lipid layer

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Express Treatment

We will address your top concern, hands-on, with our express treatment – the quick fix for troubled skin.

  • Flash exfoliation: resurface, smooth, brighten
  • Age management: renew and prevent damage
  • Moisture boost: replenish and relieve dryness
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IonActive Power Treatment

Personalized Bio±Charged Therapy for Visible Results

This action-packed professional skin treatment combines highly-potent ingredients, thermal activity and latest treatment room technology to deliver faster, more visible results on challenging skin conditions. It helps reduce:

  • signs of aging
  • uneven skin tone
  • acne
  • dehydration

This skin treatment is ideal for clients who seek RAPID RESULTS and enjoy INTENSE, VIGOROUS sensorial experiences in the treatment room

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Age-reversal Touch Therapy

Facial massage offers rejuvenating, lifting and skin-nourishing benefits

By relaxing muscles and connective tissue, massaging the face

  • Softens expression-induced lines around your eyes, lips and brows
  • Helps expel toxins
  • De-puffs and brightens the eye area

Treats the face, neck and shoulder areas extensively providing a very relaxing and luxurious routine. Increases circulation, oxygenating the blood and encouraging the presence of fresh, healing red blood cells. Essential oils can help relax, detoxify skin, and relieve stress.

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Our Products


We believe that products that only contain all natural and organic ingredients can deliver strong, beautiful skin and empower long-terms skin health.

That is why we use products with the purest, highest quality, most nourishing, high performance ingredients.

We carefully select and handpick all our products from the most trusted sources.

About Us

Aura Beauty Lounge was founded on the philosophy that skin care should be an integral part of wellness and healthy life style.

Aura Beauty Lounge combines a natural approach to healthy, younger looking skin along with advanced technology to enhance the overall appearance and wellness of each client.

A small studio format allows us to perform personalized skin care within a cozy private setting. We provide professional attention to every detail of an individual’s skin care while inspiring and assisting clients in maintaining their own daily personalized skin care regimen.

We are committed to continually improving ourselves and to provide the very best in skincare all the while helping our clients achieve and maintain the most attractive and healthy state of their skin.

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